12. July 2021

APWPT has been requested by the European ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) Frequency Management FM51 to provide information on available equipment and the percentage use in the available frequency bands as part of its work on use of the 470-694MHz band for WRC 23. This questionnaire is about audio-PMSE (wireless microphones, IEM’s, InterCom, Talkbacks,…) only. The term “audio” covers this range of equipment in the following document.

Please, take part in our survey:

September 13, 2021: Our survey is now closed, the results will be published soon. Thank you for your active participation!

21. June 2021

For our Australian and NZ members, we offer a second informal APWPT – member’s meeting! Registration is not required.

Monday 21st June, 8 am CET (morning in Berlin) = Monday 21st June, 6 pm (evening in Auckland) = Monday, 21st June, 4 pm (afternoon in Melbourne).

The web meeting will be with Zoom. The link has been emailed to members and can be obtained by contacting

17. June 2021

The Executive Committee (the Board) invites you to an informal membership meeting. This will be held on Thursday, June 17, 2 – 4 pm, in English.

The web meeting will be with Zoom. The link has been emailed to members and can be obtained by contacting

Registration is not required.

Agenda: Welcome, Brief summary of our activities (Technical Regulation activities, Policy activities), MSTeams for interactive collaboration, Open discussion, Summary (tasks, goals, next steps, ideas…).

29. March 2021

The new statutes and rules of procedure are published here.

19. February 2021

The agenda for the General Assembly on 25 March 2021 has been published. The meeting will be held in English.

APWPT General meeting,
March 25, 2021, 4 pm CET, Duration: approx. 60 minutes, via Zoom


1. What happened since our assembly october 2020?
Responsible: Matthias Fehr

2. Strategy 2021 and beyondResponsible: Wolfgang Bilz

3. Financial Report
Responsible: Frank Ernst

4. Changes in the articles and statutes
Resonsible: Jochen Zenthöfer

5. Miscellaneous
Assembly management: Dr. María Dolores Pérez Guirao

Technical management: Stefan Gehrke, buero fuer neues denken GmbH, Berlin
Voting tool by UG, Berlin,

Minutes: Dr. Jochen Zenthöfer

6. January 2021

The UHF frequencies (470 – 694 MHz) are vital for the cultural industry! Statement by the German politicians Gustav Herzog, MdB (SPD), Margit Stumpp, MdB (Greens), Anke Domscheit-Berg, MdB (Left), Doris Achelwilm, MdB (Left), Thomas Hacker, MdB (Liberal) and Dr. Christian Jung, MdB (Liberal). Title: UHF band – The future of broadcasting and cultural frequencies must be negotiated in parliament.

16. December 2020

The next general meeting will take place on March 25, 2021 – 4 pm CET. The APWPT General Assembly will take place over the Internet. The agenda will be announced at a later date.

15. November 2020

29. October 2020

The new board started its work after the general meeting on October 28th. Chairpersons are: Wolfgang Bilz, Dr. Jochen Zenthöfer. Deputy chairpersons are: Dr. María Dolores Pérez Guirao, Frank Ernst, Matthias Fehr. The cashier is: Frank Ernst.