Spectrum monitoring and technical reports

Presentation at EuMW2019 – Current and Future Use of Spectrum by PMSE

A methodology for the practical recording of PMSE frequency use and a quick summary of more than 10 years of spectrum observation in the event production [4.781 KB]

SET JOURNAL Vol 5, 2019 Wireless Production Tools at F1

PMSE Radio SpectrumScanning at the Brazilian 2018 FIA Formula OneWorld Championship
(APWPT Copy [1.970 KB] )

Presentation at SET2019 – 31st Congress of Technology and Business of Media and Entertainment

Wireless Production Tools, PMSE, Radio Spectrum Scanning at the Brazilian 2018 Formula One World Championship [1.066 KB]

Technical paper

Measurement of the radiated power of 1 455 MHz body-worn PMSE [2.494 KB] (May 2015)

Technical paper

Using mobile duplex gaps and guard bands for audio PMSE applications [516 KB] (October 2014)

Long-term study on audio PMSE spectrum usage

DKE Study on audio PMSE spectrum usage [6.275 KB] (February 2014)

Special: LTE Interference potential to Micros [1.676 KB]

DKE Measurements on radiated power of PMSE in the 822 and 1800 MHz band

Measurement of the radiated power of 0.8 / 1.8 GHz hand held PMSE [1.313 KB]

DKE Radio spectrum monitoring in Schwerin (Germany)

Landtag elections of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [2.732 KB] (February 2012)

DKE Radio spectrum monitoring in the context of Eurovision Song Contest 2011

DKE Report on ESC2011 / main part [5.929 KB] (December 2011)
DKE Report on ESC2011 / annex [3.024 KB] (December 2011)

DKE spectrum observation at Bremen (Germany)

Elections for the Bremen State Parliament [1.857 KB] (May 2011)

UHF Spectrum use in the context of state elections at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) in 2008 and 2011

DKE Report [1.693 KB] (March 2011)

DKE preparatory measurement with LTE prototypes

DKE Report [1.099 KB] (February 2010)

DKE spectrum observation at the federal elections in Hannover, Munich, Wiesbaden and the state elections in Hamburg

DKE Report [2.303 KB] (October 2008)

DKE Measurement Report on PWMS propagation at L-Band frequencies

DKE Report [1.858 KB] (February 2008)