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Spectrum sharing

Operating on (temporary) unused Radio Frequencies

PMSE has 60 years’ experience in spectrum sharing. The special PMSE feature is the flexibility – it just requires sufficient gaps in the spectrum for operation. Whenever high-quality spectrum is available, this can be used. Thousands of events are produced so daily.

The reasons for this flexibility are:

*The little occupied bandwidth of 200 kHz allows many wireless links in parallel.
* The little radiated power of max. 50 mW is enough to cover even very large stages, but small enough that the same frequency can be used again about a block away in urban centres.
* The ability to switch the equipment to any given gap in the spectrum to use it for operation.
* PMSE has the wide switching bandwidth without loss in quality.

Professional users use spectrum efficiently and have the necessary experiences.


Microphones operate in the gap between DVB-T