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The term PWMS (Professional Wireless Microphone Systems) includes all wireless equipment used at the front-end of all professional audio productions. PWMS are intended for use in the entertainment and installed sound industry by Professional Users involved in stage productions, public events, TV programme production, public and private broadcasters’ installation in conference centres / rooms, city halls, musical and theatres, sport / event centres or other professional activities / installation.

PWMS have traditionally been used in broadcasting bands III, IV and V, since 1957. The growth of theatrical and musical productions along with the requirements of wireless microphones in all forms of media, plus the growth of independent television and film production has resulted in the plethora of uses.

Future PWMS microphone systems need to transmit high bandwidth HD sound. The typical audio quality of wireless audio transmission services is developing from 16 bit CDquality towards HD-Sound with 28 to 32 bit resolution.

General information:

DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies of DIN and VDE, WG 731.0.8 "Professional Microphone Systems“ of DIN and VDE (Germany)
Presentation: Overview on the operation and usage principles of PWMS in Europe [1.602 KB]

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) System Reference Document (Draft-Dokument): TR102546 [1.209 KB]