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Electronic News Gathering (ENG) is the collection of video and/or sound material without the use of film or tape recorder, using small, often hand-held, electronic cameras and/or microphones with radio links to the news room and/or to the portable tape or other recorders.

Source: ECC REPORT 2 [730 KB]

WRC-11 work on ENG:
Agenda Item 1.5 to consider worldwide/regional harmonization of spectrum for electronic news gathering (ENG),taking into account the results of ITU-R studies, in accordance with Resolution 954 (WRC-07) ISSUE: To review the needs of ENG systems, to decide if harmonization is possible, and in what potential bands such harmonization is appropriate. This issue may also lead to requests from administrations for consideration of additional spectrum allocations.
BACKGROUND: The issue of spectrum for ENG applications has been a long-standing issue within the ITU and has been prominent for several WRC study cycles. WRC-07 decided to include an agenda item that would look at possible global/regional harmonization. The need for global/regional harmonization must also take into account advances in technology, which may account for operations that are more efficient.
There are several different broadcasting services, which operate under the umbrella of ENG and each will have its own unique requirements for harmonization based on deployment, technical parameters, and user density.

ENG Photocomposition

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) is a complex combination of Audio, Video, Talkback tools and its tricky handling methods.