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An electronic communication network (ECN) is the term used in financial circles for a type of computer system that facilitates trading of financial products outside of stock exchanges. The primary products that are traded on ECNs are stocks and currencies. ECNs came into existence in 1998 when the SEC authorized their creation. ECNs increase competition among trading firms by lowering transaction costs, giving clients full access to their order books, and offering order matching outside of traditional exchange hours.

The European Competition Network (ECN) consists of the 27 competition authorities within the European Union (see below for details) and the DG Competition of the European Commission.

An Engineering Change Notice (ECN), or Change Notice, is a document which records or authorises a change to a design. The reasons for the change should also be recorded.

Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) is an extension to the Internet Protocol and is defined in RFC 3168 (2001). ECN allows end-to-end notification of network congestion without dropping packets. It is an optional feature, and is only used when both endpoints signal that they want to use it.