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This folder contains information from differentsources. Our goal is to have all information available in English, but sometimes it is inevitable to have it only in native language.

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APWPT / Audio Technica / Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin
BMWI (D) / University Braunschweig / University Hanover
APWPT / Audio Technica / Dr. H. B. Karcher / DKE AK 731.0.8
Pia Seeger

APWPT Special LTE Interference

Wie können LTE Endgeräte Nachbarfrequenzen stören?
Spezial: LTE Störungspotential auf Mikrofone

How can affect LTE user equipment adjacent frequencies?
Special: LTE Interference potential to Microphones

See also the update as of 17th May 2012:
Unlicensed Operation in the TV Broadcast Band [107 KB]

This document addresses five petitions for reconsideration of the Commission’s decisions in the Second Memorandum Opinion and Order (‘‘Second MO&O’’) in this proceeding and modifies the Commissions rules in certain respects. In particular, the Commission is increasing the maximum height above average terrain (HAAT) for sites where fixed devices may operate; modifying the adjacent channel emission limits to specify fixed rather than relative levels; and slightly increasing the maximum permissible power spectral density (PSD) for each category of TV bands device. These changes will result in decreased operating costs for fixed TVBDs and allow them to provide greater coverage, thus increasing the availability of wireless broadband services in rural and underserved areas without increasing the risk of interference to incumbent services. The Commission is also revising and amending several of its rules to better effectuate the Commission’s earlier decisions in this docket and to remove ambiguities.