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Audio Technica

Wireless microphones in a LTE-4G environment

Update (12 Sept 2012)

The distributor of Audio Technica (Scandec) held a measurement in cooperation with the Norwegian telecommunications provider TELENOR on the impact of LTE on wireless microphones in the 821-832 MHz Duplex centre Gap and the EU harmonised 863-865 MHz band. The first measurement was done using a Sennheiser EW500-G3 reciever and the WSM software as analyzer and the second measurement (AppendixA) was done with a Aaronia analyser and both showed the same result. The use of the Duplex Centre Gap and the use of the band 863-865MHz by wireless microphones becomes very critical as new LTE 800 MHz equipment create an enormous amount of out of band emission and unpredictable mirrors . New standards for LTE are necessary in order that precious spectrum and services are not wasted by new introduced technologies.

Report on the use of Wireless microphones in a LTE-4G environment [3.960 KB]