Microphone Interference

When your microphone system has suffered from previously unknown interferences, and you subsequently seek advice, then make sure you provide the following data:

1) The location of the microphone installation
* Address:
* Room:
* Floor Level:
* Option: organizer of the event or name of production

2) The period the interference
* Time of interference (start)
* End of your observation
* Was the interference constant during the production?

3) The frequencies of the affected microphone systems
* Please provide a small frequency table

4) Field strength of the interference (in the off microphone)
* How many bars on the individual receiver display?
(Please indicate when possible for each individual microphone receiver)

5) The wireless microphone system used,
for example:
* Transmitter type
* Receiver type
* Antenna Type
* Splitter / booster / combiner type

6) Your contact details:
* Contact person:
* Phone and/or email address:
* To be contacted on: (from - to, weekdays or weekends)

7) If possible, this additional information can be very helpful
* An audio or video / audio recording.
(a "voice memo" from a mobile phone is very helpful)

* An "image" of the interference on a spectrum analyzer or scanning receiver (sketch, diagram or screenshot)