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Simplifyed: the Tuning Range is the frequency band over which wireless production tools (PMSE) and piece of equipment (such as antennas) can be adjusted by means of a tuning control in consideration of required system performance.

To explaine the focus of this Homepage Section, please lets start by some historic information:

For a very long time PMSE has mainly operated in UHF Broadcast Radio Spectrum. Since implementation of IMT in UHF Broadcast Spectrum, the situation is changing.

In September 2014 the European Commission decided on European Harmonization of the IMT Duplex Gaps for PMSE use. 823 to 832 MHz and 1785 to 1805 MHz. These bands were opened for audio PMSE; so PMSE are an application of Mobile Service.

At the end of WRC-12, APWPT noted the L Band for a possible world-wide PMSE tuning range. In Report BT.2338 a joint study group of ITU-R noted requirements for identification of new tuning ranges in the band 1200 to 1600 MHz.

CEPT mandated relevant working groups for studies. February 2016 ECC noted the band 1350 to 1400 MHz for a new PMSE tuning range.

In November 2015 RA-15/WRC-15 adopted the ITU-R Resolution 59-1 and invites for world-wide identification of new SAB/SAP (PMSE) tuning ranges.

In March 2016 OFCOM UK opened the band 960 to 1164 MHz for PMSE and is further discussing 1525 to 1559 MHz.

CEPT is just finalizing a study for video PMSE (cordless cameras and video links) in the bands 2700 to 2900 MHz and 2900 to 3400 MHz.

All these activities are leading into changed spectrum sharing situation for PMSE. Therefore, APWPT opens this new section on it's homepage. Here we will present information on new Tuning Ranges for interested PMSE users/manufacturers/rental companies. We invite all for presentation of their input and connected discussion, i.e. of experience reports etc. to APWPT's Forum

In the sections below, we will summarize and update our information.

New Tuning Ranges for Audio PMSE

  • IMT Duplex Gap 800 MHz
  • IMT Duplex Gap 1800 MHz
  • All guard bands adjacent to broadcast, IMT or similar applications/services.
  • Aircraft band 960 to 1164(1215) MHz (in discussion in CEPT), see PMSE in Aircraft Frequencies
  • HAM Radio band 1240 to 1300 MHz (Japan)
  • L Band from 1350 to 1400 MHz (CEPT)
  • Satellite band 1518 to 1525 MHz (UK, ongoing work in CEPT)

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New Tuning Ranges for Video PMSE

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