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2012 / 2014 / 2016

APWPT microphone frequency information

Preliminary remark

‘Site’ License required and issued where frequencies are not used for broadcasting in a given geographical location – access could be for a limited period or on a long-term basis.

* 470 - 606 MHz, max. 50 mW ERP

* 614 - 790 MHz, max. 50 mW ERP

* 960 – 1164 MHz
960 – 1164 MHz is also referred to as the ‘Aeronautical’ band. The band was opened for sharing with audio PMSE in March 2016. The opening up of this band is currently unique to the UK. As the Aeronautical Band is assigned globally, it might be possible, ultimately, for the same band to be opened up in other countries around the world. However, this will depend on the decisions of National Administrations and National Air Safety Agencies, at the very least. Additionally, despite Ofcom UK’s view that ‘sharing is possible’ in this band, it is still very unclear just how usable the band will ultimately prove to be. So despite Ofcom UK’s statement on the band, much work still needs to be done to establish the quantity and quality of spectrum availability. Finally, as this is a completely ‘new’ band for audio PMSE, at time of writing, no audio PMSE equipment currently exists that can tune to part or all of the band.)

* 1785 - 1800 MHz, max 50 mW ERP

‘Shared’ License required – annual renewal

* 606 - 614 MHz, max. 50 mW ERP

* 823 – 832 MHz, max. 50 mW ERP

* 1785 - 1800 MHz, max 50 mW ERP

License exempt frequencies

* 863 - 865 MHz, max. 10 mW ERP

* 173.8 - 175 MHz max 50 mW ERP

* 2.4 - 2.485 GHz, 10 mW EIRP

How to get a short- or long-term license?

Ofcom have taken the responsibility for licensing PMSE operation back ‘in-house’.
For details of how to licence;

Further Information

The United Kingdom Frequency Allocation Table;


One can download this information here: Frequencies for wireless microphones [997 KB]

Legal bases for PMSE use

Consultation published October 23, 2015

Regarding new spectrum for Audio PMSE OFCOM published a consultation document:

The planned release of the 700 MHz band for mobile services will reduce the amount of spectrum available for audio PMSE use – such as wireless microphones and in-ear monitors.
Ofcom intends to mitigate the effect of this reduction in spectrum access, with a focus on finding appropriate, alternative spectrum for PMSE users.
Today’s consultation looks at a technical sharing analysis of the 960-1164 MHz and 1525-1559 MHz bands, and a proposal to allow access to spectrum in the 960-1164 MHz band. Audio PMSE users would share access to this band with aeronautical radio navigation services.
The document also sets out an assessment of spectrum demand and supply for audio links, talkback, telemetry and telecommand.
We invite stakeholders to comment on our provisional conclusions.
The closing date for responses is 18 December 2015.

Find the consulation WEB page here:

National government address

Regulatory body:

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7981 3040 or +44 (0) 300 123 3333.
Switchboard: +44 (0) 20 7981 3000 or +44 (0) 300 123 3000
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7981 3333


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