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PMSE WS at EuMW2016

Please save the date Monday 9th October 2017 for our next PMSE Workshop at Nuernberg (D)

European Microwave Week 2016 at London ExCel

Professional PMSE faces a challenging future with the gradual erosion of access to its core operating spectrum, e.g. for Audio PMSE in the UHF bands IV and V. 

As the ITU and National Administrations (sometimes triggered by politicians) allocate larger and larger portions of the radio spectrum to the International Mobile Telecommunications sector, the operating environment for audio PMSE in the UHF band and video PMSE above 2 GHz will become increasingly constrained. 

The aim of his one day workshop at ExCel in London was to bring PMSE users, manufacturers, Administrations and Governments, along with any other interested parties, up to speed on the latest spectrum research and connected developments in PMSE technologies in order to mitigate for a shrinking operating environment. 

Latest technical and scientific background information of PMSE was the subject of the workshop. It also delivered some background information on content and event production needs and demands. Issues around how long currently used radio spectrum can fulfil PMSE production requirements were examined. Will alternative radio spectrum, of a suitable quantity and quality, be required in the future?

Technical and economic aspects were presented as well as an outlook of the expected developments in the years to come. Experts form the industry, user- and scientific organizations, regulatory bodies and from the political sector were invited to give statements and to engage in in-depth discussions.

The results of impressive real-time spectrum measurements which have been captured at both static live events and across 1000’s of Kilometres during mobile spectrum scanning activities were also presented.

Additionally, the workshop looked at what developments are happening in Europe within ETSI and CEPT and how the audio PMSE sector is adapting to the recent initiative from Ofcom UK suggesting that audio PMSE might be able to share spectrum with aeronautical services. How might new technologies be developed and deployed safely alongside existing services?

Summary of Presentation for EuMW2016 and WS06

I. The Application PMSE

(1) Short Introduction to PMSE [722 KB]
Norbert Hilbich, APWPT, Germany,

II. PMSE as an Object of Science, Study Groups and Manufacturers

(2) Outcome of WRC-15, Consequences for PMSE in international Working Groups and the possible Harmonisation Process(es) [581 KB]
Matthias Fehr, APWPT, Germany,

(3) PMSE Body Effect and Outlook for PMSE Operation at Higher Frequencies [3.776 KB]
Eugenia Cabot, BAKOM (Swiss federal authorities), Switzerland,

(4) How to Measure PMSE Live Spectrum Use? [1.101 KB]
Matthias Fehr, DKE AK731.0.8 (DIN/VDE), Germany, & Andy Lillywhite, United Kingdom

(5) The Suitability of Aircraft, Fixed Service and Satellite Spectrum to Share with PMSE [2.716 KB]
Alan March, APWPT, United Kingdom,

(6) Result of Spectrum Activities of ETSI and CEPT for Audio and Video PMSE [318 KB]
Brian Copsey, ETSI TG17WG3, UK,

III. Effect of Changes

(7) Analysis of Changes in PMSE spectrum - our Prediction for PMSE, operated under changed Conditions [3.436 KB]
Georg Fischer, University Nuernberg-Erlangen, Germany,

(8) Economic Value of the Culture and Creative Industry

IV. Practical Needs

(9) Elements for a long-term strategy on spectrum requirements for wireless PMSE applications [492 KB]
Ales Brabinek, European Commission, DG-General, Unit B4,

(10) Discussion on Advantages of new PMSE Technologies and their possible Limitations [400 KB]
Wolfgang Bilz, APWPT, Germany,