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Generally approved

* 863 – 865 MHz, Radio microphones, max 10 mW ERP

Individual assignment

* 174 - 230 MHz, Radio microphones, max 50 mW ERP

* 470 - 786MHz, Radio microphones, max 50mW ERP

* 786 - 790MHz, Radio microphones, max 12mW ERP1785 - 1805 MHz, Radio microphones, max 20 mW e.i.r.p. or max 50 mW e.i.r.p. for body-worn

How to get a short- or long-term license?

Link for the temporary frequency request:
One can find specific form on the following link:

Fees for a license

Find some information by using this link:
Note: fees might vary depending the region

Mail contact address of Italian administrations


One can download this information here: Frequencies for wireless microphones [997 KB]