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APWPT microphone frequency information

No license required

In the Danish frequency plan some frequency bands have been allocated to be used for wireless microphones. In all of those bands the frequencies can be used without a licence (licence exemption).

* 138.2 - 142.070 MHz, 50 mW ERP, 200 kHz - Only some frequencies are allowed

* 470 - 790 MHz, 50 mW ERP, 200 kHz - White spaces only, Note: the 700 MHz use is noted to be changed from 2020

* 823 - 832 MHz, 100 mW e.i.r.p. 200 kHz - Handheld only 20mW in 823-826 MHz

* 863 - 865 MHz, 10 mW ERP, 200 kHz1785 – 1804,8 MHz, 50 mW e.i.r.p., 200 kHz - Handheld only 20mW

Link to administrations homepage regarding Wireless Microphones

Danish radio interface (No 00 025) for audio PMSE

Further Information

Online tool to find legal location specific whitespaces


One can download this information here: Frequencies for wireless microphones [997 KB]

Legal bases for PMSE use

Spectrum resources for wireless microphones

The Frequency Plan:

Wireless microphones in 470-790 MHz

Here you can identify which interleaved spectrum in the band 470-790 MHz you may use on a licence excempt basis on a given location in Denmark:

Application for a licence

If you wish to apply for a licence to use frequencies for wireless microphones, you can do this in two different ways.

Electronic Application (Danish):

Application for temporary frequency licence:

National government address

National IT and Telecom Agency
Holsteinsgade 63
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Tel: +45 3545 0000