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Commerce and Growth Ministry wishes to seek views on the draft strategy for spectrum use in Denmark

Consultation on the draft spectrum strategy

The Danish administration has a consultation in which they ask stakeholders and interested parties on their opinion to allocate another 600 MHz to IMT. The bands considered contatin the 470-790 MHz band and the L band (i. e. 1452 to 1492 MHz) amongst others.

The consultation is in Danish only and the final date of the response is November 24 2011.

Find the consultation here:

Mail of K. B. (17.11.2011):

Several stakeholders in the PMSE industry in Denmark have been informed directly of the public consultation. Furthermore, the consultation has been announced both on the Danish Telecom Authority's website ( and "høringsportalen" ( where all public consultations are announced.

On several issues regarding use of spectrum for PMSE, the Danish Telecom Authority (and before that The National IT and Telecom Agency) has cooporated with stakeholders in the PMSE industry in Denmark. Most recently, NITA had a very fruitful and constructive dialogue with stakeholders in the PMSE industry last year regarding the opening of the use of PMSE in the so called "white spaces" in the frequency band 470-790 MHz.

..In the draft for a spectrum strategy, we have identified a number of frequency bands suitable in the future for wireless broadband use. Some frequency bands are closer at hand to be used for wireless broadband than others; 2300-2400 MHz, 1785-1805 MHz and 1452-1492 MHz are expected to be available a good while before 2020, whereas 470-790 MHz and 3800-4200 MHz are more likely to be available some time after 2020. Those are the spectrum bands, we suggest we should start work on preparing for use for wireless broadband.

..there are a good deal of PMSE frequency ressources available in Denmark. A full overview can be found here (unfortunately in Danish only):

Refer also the APWPT PMSE strategy paper Nov 2011 [1.512 KB]