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Update on policies of Industry Canada
(March 2012)

Low-power licensed devices, including wireless microphones

The band 698-806 MHz has been widely used by low-power licensed radiocommunication devices, including wireless microphones, subject to licensing on a no-protection, no-interference basis. In Spectrum Advisory Bulletin SAB-001-10 (26) released in January 2010, Industry Canada announced that no new licences for low-power licensed radiocommunication devices will be issued nor will the Department accept applications for certification of such devices in the band 698-806 MHz. In bands other than 764-776 MHz and 794-806 MHz, which are dedicated to public safety systems, wireless microphones were allowed to continue to operate, as per SAB-001-10.
Allowing low-power devices, including wireless microphones, to continue to operate in this band may cause interference to new commercial and possible future public safety deployments planned for this band. In the United States, the FCC is prohibiting the manufacturing, importation and sale of wireless microphones and other low-power auxiliary stations intended for use in the 700 MHz band in order to ensure that both public safety and commercial mobile licensees can operate interference-free in this band.(27) In Canada, implementing a similar ban on wireless microphones in the 700 MHz band will also limit the number of wireless microphones entering the country.
In addition, Radio Standards Specifications RSS-123, Low Power Licensed Radiocommunication Devices, and Client Procedure Circular CPC-2-1-11, Low-power Licensed Radiocommunication Devices, are currently under review and will be updated accordingly in order to revise the applicable equipment standards and licensing of these devices.
RSS-123 and CPC-2-1-11 will also be modified to include stopping the manufacturing, importation, distributing, leasing, offering for sale or selling of any equipment that does not comply with the applicable revised standards, in the band 698-806 MHz. This prohibition will also apply to all equipment, including equipment that has been certified to meet the former standards.
In accordance with SAB-001-10, these devices are permitted to operate in the public safety bands, 764-776 MHz and 794-806 MHz, only until March 31, 2011. The Department proposes to publish an additional Spectrum Advisory Bulletin to permit operation of these devices in the remaining bands (698-764 MHz and 776-794 MHz) only until March 31, 2012

The Department seeks comments regarding its proposal to permit low-power licensed devices, including wireless microphones, to operate in the band 698-764 MHz and 776-794 MHz only until March 31, 2012.


Get further information here: Consultation on a Policy and Technical Framework for the 700 MHz Band..

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Industry Canada: (29th March 2010)

Comments Received on Gazette Notice DGTP-010-09

You can find the comments here

Exemplary commentations:

Comment of Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB):

Radio broadcasters represented by the CAB have a vested interest in the outcome of this L-Band policy review because the future disposition of this spectrum will have a critical bearing on their ability to develop innovative digital services that can provide the public with much more than basic stereo audio programming, especially new multimedia content and datacasting services.

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Comment of CBC Radio-Canada:

As a user of the L-band for DAB services, CBC/Radio Canada is concerned that the Department’s proposal to accord mobile and fixed radio primary status in this frequency range and “to let market forces play a greater role in determining the services to be offered in this spectrum” will favour users of mobile spectrum over providers of broadcasting services and will inevitably lead to the exclusion of both public and private broadcasting uses of this spectrum due to the comparatively weaker economics of the broadcasting sector.

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Industry Canada: (28th February 2010)
Consultation on the Spectrum Allocations and Spectrum Utilization Policies for the Frequency Range 1435-1525 MHz

Industry Canada: (January 2010)
Wireless Microphones, in the Band 698-806 MHz

Department of Industry Radiocommunication Act (13th September 2009)
Consultation Paper on Low-power Licensed Radiocommunication Devices, Including Wireless Microphones, in the Band 698-806 MHz


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