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2nd PMSE Workshop at EuMW2015 - 7th Sept 2015

PMSE are, in particular, fundamental elements of our daily cultural life and essential tools for the content production. They are employed in journalistic news coverage, sports events, theatres, by educational and cultural institutions, trade fairs, film productions, conference-centres, churches, sports clubs, etc.
In continuation of EuMW2013, the workshop discussed with the participants the PMSE application, their spectrum use and impact
of currently foreseeable changes in the Radio Spectrum.
In the background there was the question: what decisions need to be taken
at both, a European and national level?

Location and time
This one-day workshop took place in the Palais des Congres, Paris, France, on September 7, 2015


Welcome and brief introduction in the 2nd PMSE Workshop at EuMW
Alan March, APWPT Co-President, UK
Because of the importance of PMSE every change in spectrum has significant effects for culture, sport, education, content production and many others. This conference has described PMSE status and future outlook.
Introduction [99 KB]

Short introduction in PMSE
Alain Richer, APWPT Co-President, France
With reference to CEPT Report 204 the presentation summarised PMSE application and their spectrum requirements.
Presentation [5.648 KB]

PMSE Standardisation within CEPT, ETSI, GRSC and ITU-R
Brian Copsey, Chairman ETSI TG17WG3, UK
In 1991 ETSI, formed a Wireless Microphone group. ES 300-422 was one of the first standards produced by ETSI. Since then ETSI ERM TG 17 has produced standards for all forms of PMSE equipment to enable the entertainment industry to fulfil the ever growing demand for PMSE use.
Presentation [405 KB]

PMSE in Austria
Franz Ziegelwanger, Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria
Presentation [266 KB]

PMSE in France
Laurent Bodusseau, ANFR, France
Presentation [518 KB]

PMSE in United Kingdom
Helen Hearn , OFCOM, UK
Presentation [374 KB]

European harmonisation process for audio and video PMSE
Andreas Geiss, Head of Unit Spectrum, DG CONNECT, European Commission
European harmonisation process for wireless audio and video PMSE and policy challenges in a search for sustainable solutions for future PMSE requirements.
Presentation [878 KB]

How to measure PMSE live spectrum use? Result of Spectrum Scans
Matthias Fehr, DKE AK731.0.8 & Co-President APWPT, Germany
The PMSE spectrum use during content and event production was presented.
Presentation [2.199 KB]

Outcomes of project BMWI C-PMSE and ETSI STF386 standardisation work on cognitive radio technology for PMSE
Georg Fischer, University Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany
A cognitive radio approach to ensure high availability of PMSE links was presented. Research work was conducted in the course of a German national Research project funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education (BMWI). A seamless transfer to standards was ensured by parallel work in ETSI. The standardisation was implemented through a Specialist Task Force.
Presentation [2.938 KB]

Analysis of changes in PMSE spectrum – our prediction for PMSE spectrum demand (audio and video)
Norbert Hilbich, Sennheiser electronic, Germany
Audio and video PMSE are affected by spectrum sales. PMSE urgently requires additional spectrum to maintain and expand its services and needs protection to fulfil the quality demand.
Presentation [487 KB]

Is PMSE spectrum sharing with terrestrial broadcasting an „obsolete model“? Are there possible alternatives?
Darko Ratkaj, EBU - European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland
Darko Ratkaj briefly analysed the future highly condensed RF spectrum usage in the UHF TV band and the currently foreseeable effect for PMSE spectrum. With a view on content production requirements, he was looking for alternative solutions and their required implementation.
Presentation [552 KB]

Closing Remarks
Alan March, APWPT Co-President, United Kingdom
Alan summarised the workshop results and invited further contributions for the APWPT to address:
Summary Remarks [101 KB]