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IBC - September 2013

International Broadcast Conference and Exhibition (IBC)
at the RAI in Amsterdam (September 16, 2013).

Wireless microphones and cameras in broadcast content production spectrum needs - What to do with lack of spectrum?

'PMSE is in our DNA' quote Anthony When. DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
On the APWPT session on the IBC conference in Amsterdam PMSE specialists of the APWPT and EBU and regulatory bodies of the CEPT and the EC informed the audience on the PMSE issues and the work done so far. It was a very informative session but because of the complexity of the issue there was not much room left for discussion. Certain conclusions can be drawn though: available spectrum will shrink. The demand for PMSE applications will grow (quantitative and qualitative) and the consumer will not accept that broadcast content will look like 30 years ago. The solution cannot be provided by only one player in the field. It was encouraging to hear Anthony Whelan expressing his concernment and understanding: PMSE is in our DNA!

Get the presentation here:

1.1) APWPT, Dre Klaassen,
Spectrum needs for wireless microphones and wireless cameras in broadcast content production [577 KB]

1.2) APWPT, Matthias Fehr,APWPT policies, goals and work [725 KB]

2) EBU, Peter MacAvock, (will be published soon)

3) ECO/CEPT, Bruno Espinosa,
ECC initiatives on spectrum for Programme Making and Special Events - PMSE [386 KB]

4) EC DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Anthony Whelan,
Considerations on spectrum harmonization for PMSE equipment [293 KB]

Get further information at: Will a Lack of Spectrum in the Future Kill Content Production?

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