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PMSE User Meting, 30 August 2015

The Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies (APWPT) is an international not-for-profit organisation that represents users and manufacturers of wireless production tools (so called SAB/SAP or PMSE - Wireless Microphones, Cameras and Effect Control). Wireless production tools are in use daily in Art, Broadcast, Culture, Education, Politics, Content and Event Production and many other environments of our life.
APWPT members will take part in the WRC-15 conference as an ITU-R sector member or as representatives in international delegations. Therefore, as a result, the WRC-15 will have approved support from wireless production tools experts.

Before the next WRC, taking place in November at Geneva (Switzerland), we presented important and helpful information on:

1. The application PMSE and example of their typical local spectrum regulations.
2. The effect of spectrum changes in the 700 MHz band following to next WRC.
3. Alternative radio spectrum for PMSE as a matter for the next WRC.
4. PMSE as an object of science, study groups and manufacturers.

We presented information we have learned in similar talks in other countries and during our work in a large number of international working groups e.g. in ITU, CEPT and ETSI.

Get further information in this Presentation [1.710 KB] (PDF)