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Matthias Fehr (D)
Chairman of Executive Board
APWPT Office

Matthias Fehr is a graduated engineer in electronic engineering, microprocessor technology and technical cybernetics & automation and worked in a various projects.
Since 1995 he is active in a number of international working groups, e.g. in CEPT/ECC, DKE (DIN and VDE), ETSI and ITU-R. In 2012 and 2015, he was a delegate at the World Radiocommunication Conferences in Geneva, as an expert in wireless microphones and audio applications.
Since its foundation, he represents the APWPT on an international level.

Stella Morabito (F)
Vice Chairman of Executive Board
Public Affairs
Interface to members of France

Stella Morabito is a doctor in Marketing (Bocconi University – Italy; HEC - France) and holds a master in Technology Management from Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP), school of engineering. Stella has worked in both the broadcasting and the consumer electronics industries, holding different international positions. Since 2010 Stella is Secretary General of SEINEP a French trade association defending the interests of importers and manufacturers of professional electronic products, amongst which includes PMSE.

Wolfgang Bilz (D)
Vice Chairman of Executive Board
Expert of Audio PMSE

Wolfgang Bilz studied electronic engineering specializing in telecommunication and RF.
In his company he is responsible for regulatory affairs including market entry rules, RF regulations and spectrum issues.
He takes part in several committees on national and at an international level. Examples are: DKE (DIN/VDE), ECC/CEPT and ETSI.

Hubert Eckart (D)
Vice Chairman of Executive Board
APWPT's Treasurer

Hubert Eckart was educated in theatre studies and worked at many theatres as dramatist, director and artistic director. Since 2008 he has been managing director of the Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft, member of the Steering Group Creative Skills Europe Project of the EU and member of the APWT board of directors. He also works as a producer for films and audio books.

Jürgen Kupczik (D)
Vice Chairman of Executive Board
Interface to German Associations

Jürgen Kupczik is a graduated engineer in electrical engineering, master of event engineering (studio).
His career moved from a planning engineer to marketing director in several enterprises in the audio/video business, director of Prolight + Sound from 2001 to 2010.
Since 2010 he is the director of technical event management at ‘Messe Frankfurt/Main’ (D).
He represents the ‘European Association of Event Centres - EVVC’.

Alan March (UK)
Vice Chairman of Executive Board
Interface to members of English speaking countries

Alan March has over 20 years of experience in the Pro Audio industry and during that time has worked in sales, marketing, applications engineering and business development roles.
Alan sits on the 'British Entertainment Industry Radio Group' (BEIRG) – Steering Committee and has accumulated experience in dealing with UK spectrum regulator Ofcom.
Alan is active in a number of international working groups of CEPT/ECC and ETSI.

Juul Moen (NL)
Vice Chairman of Executive Board
Expert of Video PMSE, Talk Back, Service Link

Juul Moen was born in 1954 in the Netherlands. After studying Information Science and Electrical Engineering he started in 1976 working for the R&D department of the national broadcaster NOS.
After managing a Mobile Broadcast Systems department for 25 years he joined the Dutchview/Infostrada (now NEP) R&D department in 2012.
Currently he is participating in CEPT and ETSI.

Norbert Hilbich (D)
Speaker of the Board
Expert of Audio PMSE

Norbert Hilbich studied communication technology with a focus on Radio Frequency applications.
He worked in R&D for Microphone Systems, changed to marketing and finally to lobbying for PMSE spectrum. Norbert manages the Spectrum Affairs department of a well-known PMSE manufacturer and represents PMSE interests in national and international institutions and workgroups.

Cash auditors (Kassenprüfer)

1) Martina Rübhausen
2) Norbert Hilbich

Version: September 2017