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Information - 1th September 2017

The nomination of APWPTs’ ambassadors is related to the election period of the Executive Board. This period ended in August 31th. After constitution of the new Executive Board, the list of ambassadors will be updated.

Australia and New Zealand

Robert Sloss
was born in 1945 in Melbourne, Australia.
He has gained his PMSE experience in several ENG Teams around the world. In 1975 he purchased Syntec International providing hard- and software for the whole bandwidth of audio applications and sound processing; providing wireless products and services for small and large scale applications, including congress, musical/theatre, sports etc. Major challenges were the Admirals Cup and the planning and management of radio microphones for the Sydney Olympics.
Robert represents the APWPT section for Australia and New Zealand and is active in ACMA meetings in the interest of spectrum users.

In Australia has been formed a working relationship of microphone users, manufacturers and authorities. If necessarily Robert can arrange further contacts.


Peter Tiefenthaler
was born in 1963 in Vienna, Austria.
After graduating from the Technical University Vienna he joined AKG Acoustics in 1991.
Since then he has been working in RF development of Wireless Microphone Systems and is in charge of Global Compliance and Spectrum Management at AKG.

He is taking part in several working groups in ETSI, CEPT SE24 and DKE.

Peter is the contact person towards the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology

Günther Konecny
was born in 1938 in Vienna, Austria.
After graduating from the Technical University Vienna he was in employ of Siemens-Austria, designing filters for satellites. In 1969 he joined the Austrian Broadcsting Company ORF. There he was in charge of organizing transmissions of great events, like Formula 1-races, Worldcup Events, the Olympic Games 1976 in Innsbruck, a.s.o. From the beginning he used wireless microfones and is in knowledge of all their problems and advantages in using them. He was also responsible for training the technical staff of ORF and published for many years the technical magazine „ORF-Technikum“.
He belongs to the Steering Committee of OETHG (Austrian Company for theatre and event technology) and is editor in chief oft he technical magazine for event-technology „PROSPECT“, published by the OETHG. Since 2008 he is already in contact with the Austrian government and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology concerning the „Digital Dividend“ as OETHG-representative for the Austrian event-scene.


S. Morabito

Stella Morabito
is a doctor in Marketing (Bocconi University – Italy; HEC - France) and holds a master in Technology Management from Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP), school of engineering.
Stella has worked in both the broadcasting and the consumer electronics industries, holding different international positions.
Since 2010 Stella is Secretary General of SEINEP a French trade association defending the interests of importers and manufacturers of professional electronics products, amongst which PMSE.

The Netherlands

J. Moen

Juul Moen
was born in 1954 in the Netherlands. After studying Informatica and eletrical engineering he started in 1976 working for the R&D department of the national broadcaster NOS.
In 1981 he joined a small passionate team which developed video,audio and wireless technology and provided worldwide RF services for covering Cycling races and Marathons. Developed an on-line Geo-location frequency database in 1995 and is an aircraft receive system patentholder.
After managing the Mobile Broadcast Systems department for 25 years he joined the Dutchview/Infostrada (now NEP) R&D department in 2012. Currently he is participating in CEPT FM 51 , SE 7 and ETSI working groups.


P. Rissi

Peter Rissi
was born in 1951 in Switzerland.
He started as Radio-TV Technician with a Masters Degree and has over 30 Years experience in the Fields of RF.
Since 1991 he’s the Technical Lead for the Swiss Distribution of Sennheiser named Bleuel Electronics AG and is handling most RF Queries for their Artists and Customers and has therefore gained a huge knowledge about their needs and applications.

Peter is the Contact for all Spectrum Related Questions for Swiss organisations and a direct contact for AWPT:

United Arab Emirates

B. Marx

Bruno Marx
is the Contact for all Spectrum Related Questions for UAE organisations and a direct contact for AWPT.
He studied telecommunications engineering and event technology. At present he is a freelance consultant for the Events Industry.

United Kingdom

A. March

Alan March
was born in 1963 in England.
He has over 20 years of experience in the Pro Audio industry and during that time has worked in sales, marketing, applications engineering and business development roles.
Alan sits on the 'British Entertainment Industry Radio Group' (BEIRG) – Steering Committee and has accumulated experience in dealing with UK spectrum regulator Ofcom in matters relating to the UK ‘digital dividend’ and how this will impact on spectrum availability for the PMSE – Programme Making and Special Events – sector.
Alan is member in the APWPT Board.


E. Reihl

Edgar Reihl
is a Technology Director at Shure Incorporated in Niles, Illinois U.S.A. Edgar holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. degree from Keller Graduate School of Management. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Illinois.

Additional Information:
Edgar is actively involved in White Space issues through his work with the Federal Communications Commission (U.S.) and other regulatory agencies. He is a former member of the IEEE 802.22 working group on Wireless Regional Area Networks, and is currently participating on CEPT SE43 and ETSI STF386 working groups.