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APWPT microphone frequency information

No license required

823 - 832 MHz
* 863 - 865 MHz
* 1785 – 1804,8 MHz

To get further information see FICORAs regulation on collective frequencies for license-exempt radio transmitters:

Individual assignment

* 174 - 223 MHz
* 470 - 694 MHz
* 694 - 789 MHz, until the 31th December 2016

FICORA is noting on their homepage:
“A radio licence issued by FICORA is always needed for a wireless microphone, i.e. a radio microphone, unless the device is exempted from licensing on the basis of FICORA's regulation. At the beginning of 2017, there will be changes in the frequency bands used by radio microphones. Therefore, users of wireless radio microphones should pay attention to the information issued about the changes and ensure from a manual or a retailer whether their own devices are subject to licence.”

Applying for a licence for a wireless microphone

FICORA's electronic services:

In addition, one can download a traditional form:


"The fee charged for a radio licence, on the basis a decree in force, is €18 per year for one microphone. The price of the licence is differentiated according to the number of devices so that 2 to 4 microphones cost €25.91 and e.g. 9 to 14 microphones €116.60 per year. When the number of microphones is 100 pcs. or more, the price remains the same, i.e. €1,230.73 per year.”

Link to administrations homepage regarding Wireless Microphones


One can download this information here: Frequencies for wireless microphones [1.129 KB]